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Corporate policy

Corporate Quality and Safety Policy of “BISKOTTI PLUS” LLC in the.


Core strategic activities of the company are as follows:

  1. Releasing safe and high-quality biscuits produced in strict compliance with recipes and production processes, requirements of legislation and regulatory-technical documentation.
  2. Continuous improvement of the consumers’ satisfaction: meeting consumers’ requirements with regard to quality and safety of the products, variation in packaging, stability of deliveries and flexible pricing policy.
  3. Effective and sustainable use of the material, energy resources, bringing production processes to minimum impact for the environment.
  4. Personal liability of the company’s management for implementation of quality policy of “BISKOTTI PLUS” LLC.

Improving image of the company, compliance with all the requirements and expectations of the consumers and brand awareness of “BISKOTTI” TM in the entire world society can be treated as final goal of implementation of the corporate quality and safety policy of “BISKOTTI PLUS” LLC.


CEO E.N. Frolova