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About us

"BISKOTTI" is the premium class biscuits producer. We maintain the production according to the modern italian standards.

There creed of our company can be described within three concepts:

Concept 1: "Consumers buy with thier eyes" as long as they don't have a chance to taste the product right at the shop. That's the main reason why we pay extra attention to the package. Our company developed several types of packages according to various consumers tastes. 

♦ The package for the biscuits sold by weight is produced in Finland. It is made of moisture and greaseproof cardboard, which guarantees excellent appearance and keeps the box from getting greasy and wet;

♦ The original boxes with plastic trays are registered and designed by our specialists. This type of box has numerous advantages:

- The box can be placed vertically on a shelf: due to its small width it makes maximum use of the costly shelf space ;

- There is a golden plate, the so-called tray, which helps to keep the biscuits still in the box, so that they do not get crumbled or cracked. The transparent film gives the costumer an opportunity to make sure that each item is safe and uncracked, absolutely identical to the previous one;

- The box is wrapped with polyolefine film, produced in France, which is very hard to be torn. It guarantees the protection from a curious costumer, who is eager to touch the product. It is tear proof and withstands the temperature down to - 400ºC. The film is vertically perforated, which helps the biscuits “breathe” and lets the costumer feel the unforgettable mouth-watering scent of BISKOTTI cookies.

♦ The original display box of our biscuits can be an perfect choice as a present. It is fresh, tasty and budget-priced at the same time! The lid of the box can be easily transformed so as to make the package look like a showbox. Each biscuit is easy to see and access. If there are any cookies left after the tea, you can close the display box with a transparent lid. 

♦ Transparent tray is a new type of package, patented by our company. In each box there is a present for the final byer, placed in a special recess in each tray. The consumer is notified by the sticker on the package saying “Present inside!” ”

♦ The polystyrene tray, covered with shrink-wrap, is designed specially for those who don’t want to overpay for the package.


Concept 2: “In order for the customers not to be dissatisfied with the product, it should exceed their expectations”. This is why our products quality is of utmost importance for us. As a result, BISKOTTI biscuits are extremely flavourful. The secret of our production is very simple: maintained high quality of the products, based on the use of only the best natural raw materials, original Italian recipe and unique equipment. These are the main constituent parts of a successful and high-quality production.

♦ The dough is made of high quality vegetable oil and fat, fresh eggs with orange yolks, which make the cookies look golden-yellow and taste so natural;

♦ The marmalade is made of natural juice according to the Italian recipe, which makes it so vivid in color and rich in taste;

♦ The cream is made of cocoa oil substitute. It is very tender and won’t leave even the most exacting customers indifferent.

♦ The natural chocolate, used for glazing, will certainly find a way to your heart due to its amazingly flavory smell and taste, which ideally matches deliciously crunchy caramelized hazelnut and almond, as well as tender biscuit crisps.


Concept 3: "The consumers should get exactly what they want and as much as they want”Our factory is fully automated with high-performance equipment, which guaranties reliable supply of our products in accordance with our partners’ needs. Our creed is high quality, original product and exclusive package. Pastry is all about fresh taste and enjoyment, that's why not a low price can lighten you up after a tea with a sweet, though low-quality product. We are convinced that the price can't be the major criterion for the consumer; we believe that the most important factors, that affect the client's choice are quality, taste and appearance of the product. Only if all these factors match the tasters choice, they will buy the product again.

Consistently high quality, exclusive products and packaging is our credo.

Confectioneries is a delight and no competitor price can lift your spirits, spoiled after having tea with the low-quality, ordinarily sweet, though cheap cookies. We believe that the price of the cookies is not the first consumer factor. But it's the taste, quality and appearance of the product that comes first. Only when the buyers like the product, savoring its excellent taste in their memory, will they return to make their second, third and subsequent purchases.

We create a product for the buyer who, above all, appreciates the natural flavor and exceptional quality.

"BISCOTTI" cookies can be purchased in many hypermarkets, supermarkets and retail outlets such as: "AUCHAN", "METRO", "PEREKHRESTOK", "SPAR", "GLOBUS", "ZELGROS", "MAGNOLIA", "AVOSKA", "MONETKA" and many others.

The "BISCOTTI" company also delivers its products to countries such as: USA, United Arab Emirates, Germany, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan and Mongolia.

Based on reviewsof the internationalcertificationcompanies and professionalsof the confectionery market, theproductsmanufacturedby "BISCOTTI" meet the worldstandards.Itwas possibleto achieve inthe courseof long-termproduction tests, cooperationwith the reliableRussian and foreignsuppliersof raw materials andthe non-standard approachto themanagementofits product.

Over the periodof its existence"BISCOTTI" wonmore than 50 awardsof various levelsincludingat international exhibitions.